We are ComingNext.TV

A consultancy firm specialised in transforming the television industry

The TV industry is in transition: With digital media on the rise, viewing habits and advertiser needs have changed. The pace of developments has become increasingly fast, and keeping up with it is a continuous challenge.

Our mission is to drive this industry forward. Our expertise and global network give us a unique grasp on the opportunities this changing environment has to offer. We strategize and we consult. We do advanced research and look into the most specific of trends. Our international team works hand-in-hand with some of the world’s largest broadcasters, advertisers, production companies in crafting innovative multiscreen strategies and developing creative concepts and formats.
We know what the industry demands from you. Let us help you stay ahead of your competition.

Our Areas of Expertise

How We Apply Our Knowledge

Strategy Services

Tailor made strategy consulting including business planning, strategy development, executive strategic advisory, c-level masterclasses, and inspirational brainstorm sessions.

Business Modelling

We build innovative but solid business models that fit your market, audience and overall strategy. Let us help you with reach and revenue forecasts, OPEX, CAPEX, and cash flow prognosis.

Concept Creation

We develop and improve cross platform formats that increase viewer engagement, reach new audiences, or rejuvenate a format.

Workshop & Masterclass

An intensive and interactive way of transferring our latest insights, co-creating your digital strategy, or develop advertising opportunities to accelerate a project and build buy-in.

Second Opinion

Validate your proof of concept and let us challenge your assumptions, identify and manage potential risks. We provide valuable insights and workable recommendations.


Utilize our analytics skills to get the local and global insights based on continuous market research, expert interviews and data analysis.

Project & Launch Management

With years of experience we are very well prepared to manage and launch your projects and services. We support your existing team or work on-site to get new products, content and channels to market faster and more effectively.

Alliance Management

Our international network of partners in broadcasting, digital video, and advertising gives you the opportunity to connect with the right people and companies for your project.

Multi Client Projects

We bring together leading businesses from different markets to compare processes, compare data and insights, and learn from best practices.

What Our Clients Say

“These guys have done a lot of good things in the industry and accumulated the savoir-faire in essential areas like concepts, user experience, design, commercial models and production. Moreover, they are not the kind of consultants who would say “do this”, “do that”, but instead will make your team discover by itself what is the best thing to do, why and with how much effort.”

Erick Brêtas Head of Digital Media at TV Globo Globo

“Before undertaking a re-design of our All 4 big screen apps, we engaged ComingNext.TV to research international big screen apps in the VOD market. Their international focus helped us to identify and analyse best practice by creating analytical case studies.”

Maureen Glennon All 4 Big Screen Product Manager for Channel 4 Channel 4

“We needed an integrated data driven multiscreen platform. And we needed it fast. ComingNext offered a turn-key solution that was operational within three months after giving them the assignment. Just in time for our launch at MIPCOM. After the launch they supported the digital department and launched our social strategy.”

Natalie Boot Director Digital at TV Entertainment Reality Network and Insight Insight

“…They have a global perspective, which is applied to local markets. Within time and budget, they managed to deliver a clear and underpinned analysis.”

Huib van Bockel Marketing Director UK at Red Bull Red Bull

“In two intensive days our core team was brought up to date on the opportunities of second screen, transmedia and social tv. The cases were well researched, diverse and from different territories. They inspired and the data convinced.”

Tarek Daouk Managing Director Starcom MediaVest MENA Starcom MediaVest MENA

The Team


Jeroen Doucet

Managing Director Strategy & Concepts at ComingNext.TV

Jeroen Doucet heads up ComingNext.TV. He is an experienced media strategist with extensive operational management experience. Previously, he held higher management positions in traditional and online media. Jeroen has a MA degree and a profound understanding of technology and new business models.

Phone +31 654 627 124


Twitter @doucet


Geert Faber

Consultant Strategy & Concepts at ComingNext.TV

Geert Faber is a consultant at ComingNext.TV. He has experience in digital marketing advertising and extensive knowledge of media transformations and the digital media industry. Geert has a MSc degree in business administration and a BA degree in new media & TV.

Phone +1 514 569 2129


Twitter @endoftelevision


Isabell Buchner

Consultant Strategy & Concepts at ComingNext.TV

Isabell has a background in editorial broadcasting and in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, strategic communications and new media developments. Previous positions in Germany, Malaysia, USA, the UK and the Netherlands provided her with experience on the creative side as well as on the executive side.
Isabell has a MA degree in Media and Business.

Phone +31 626 33 82 75


Twitter @IsaBuchna


Juan Manuel Egaña del Valle

Associate Consultant at ComingNext.TV

Juan Manuel worked as vice president of new media and business development for two of the largest broadcasters in Chile during which he managed their digital transformation, OTT strategy and app development. He has more than 10 years of experience as executive producer for Emmy nominated TV shows in South America and Europe. Juan Manuel has a journalistic background and holds an MBA degree.

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