Masterclass in Multiscreen Concepts and Strategy

ZDF asked ComingNext.TV to bring their TV & digital department up to speed with the latest trends and developments in second screen and how to implement a multiscreen strategy. ZDF is a German public-service television broadcaster and is financed by television license fees and advertising revenues. ZDF is known TV programs like heute, Wetten, dass..? and WISO. Germany is one of the biggest TV markets in Europe and ZDF had a 12,5% market share in 2015.


ZDF asked ComingNext.TV to bring their TV & digital department up to speed with the latest trends and developments in second screen and how to develop a multiscreen strategy.

The objectives were to inform and inspire the television and new media department of ZDF in order to contribute to the ZDF’s strategic objectives and have a better multiscreen strategy for their digital channels. This included the main OTT platform (ZDF Mediathek), but also TV apps, transmedia storytelling and digital formats.
With the shared insights and knowledge, actual interactive concepts for existing ZDF formats could be created in a final step.


For this project we applied our proven framework for masterclasses and workshops. First we interviewed the ZDF team and analyzed the (digital) organization within ZDF to better understand the specific needs and requirements for the masterclass. This provided an in depth understanding of ZDF’s needs, strengths and opportunities, and helped to identify expectations and their role within the market.

This was followed by a full day workshop that covered:

  1. Introduction into second screen and multiscreen strategies
    This session covered market developments and changing viewing patterns, the strategic implications of these developments and the opportunities for ZDF and its formats. During this section we asked the attendees to rank their existing TV formats to define the fit for the second screen and possible multiscreen concepts

  2. Creating multiscreen concepts
    A practical and inspiration session, in which we show how to develop a multiscreen concept, integrate call-to-actions and feedback loops, and the opportunities with social media and existing channels. Additionally, we discuss how to take advantage of new sponsorship opportunities and advertising. This was followed by an inspiration session with example cases from around the world based on our extensive database of second screen, social TV, and transmedia cases.

  3. Hands-on: Co-creating a multiscreen concept
    Based on the insights and inspiration, we asked the digital team to co-create second screen concepts for ZDF that included the second screen concept, first screen integration, and high level production design. The results were presented and discussed with the group. Everyone was asked to rank the attractiveness of the concept, fit with existing channels and apps, and the integration with the format.


ComingNext.TV managed to successfully organize the co-creation workshop with the ZDF TV & digital team in order to develop concepts for existing formats and inspire different departments throughout the ZDF.
By the end of the workshop, ZDF gathered practical concepts based on existing or new TV formats that included all requirement for a second screen concept.
Furthermore, the team was fully up-to-date about the latest trends and case studies for future inspiration and were able to combine this with the practice of developing and presenting a multiscreen concept. By doing so, ZDF was able to formalize a multiscreen strategy and establish themselves as a forward thinking broadcaster.
All material, presentation and insights were shared with the ZDF team for future references.


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