Global Horizontal App Research

A global research together with 8 leading broadcasters in the best practices of horizontal second screen and VOD apps.


Allow front running broadcasters to share experiences and best practices in horizontal second screen apps from all around the world. These horizontal apps introduce specific new challenges: horizontal consistency vs full program customisation, conflicts between pre- and post show engagement, and how to create meaningful interactions during commercial breaks. Not to mention the UX challenges of integrating synced interaction, video on-demand (VOD), EPG, and social media all in one app. ComingNext.TV found that most broadcasters approach these challenges on a trial-and-error basis. This not only applies to conceptual challenges but also to technological choices, to questions of governance and how investment decisions are justified.


To address this ComingNext.TV took the initiative to start a multi-client research project for qualified broadcasters to share their knowledge and insights with horizontal apps. We gathered a group of 10 advanced broadcaster from non competing markets who all signed strict confidentiality agreements to share data and insights using surveys and interviews.
Besides broadcaster data we analyzed over 120 broadcaster applications and performed additional market research to place all the findings into the right perspective and standardize terminology. The research compared ratings, downloads, reach, and functionality to create the horizontal app index to compare app functionality.

Example of the Horizontal App Index

App Details

App Name MTV Play
Broadcaster MTV
Countries Europe
Rating iOS (3,5)
Rating Play Store (3,5)


Based on all the research data we published 3 confidential reports that were shared with the participating broadcasters.

  • Report 1: Results from our global app study providing a better understanding in functionalities, ratings, downloads and usage all standardized using the horizontal app index.
  • Report 2: The quantitative results from the usage and viewing data provided by the participating broadcasters that compared key metrics across markets. An insightful report that allows broadcasters to better understand and value app performance.
  • Report 3: Detailed case studies from 4 of the largest global broadcasters with an in-depth description on how the apps are developed, operated and measured.

This group of broadcasters were invited to Paris for the presentation of the results and a group discussion to share experiences. Some of the leading broadcasters presented their application, data and strategies to the group.

“An excellent opportunity to meet our counterparts and to openly discuss strategy issues.”

The research, results and group session received a Net Promoter Score of 8.2/10 and the final report was evaluated with an 8.4/10.
Participants included M6 (France), Globo (Brazil), Medialaan (Belgium), Chilevision (Chile), MediaCapital (Portugal) and leading broadcasters from Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, and Columbia.

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