Strategy and concept validation

Second screen app validation and second opinion on concept, monetization and technical infrastructure and developing the strategic vision for the digital department.
Globo is the second biggest broadcaster globally, with a market share of more than 60%. Although it operates in a market that follows rather than leads, it has a long history of innovation from print to television and now from television to digital. is a leading portal and ISP in Brazil.


For the Worldcup 2014, Globo intended to launch their first second screen app to accompany the World Cup 2014 broadcasts, which was also taking place in Brazil. They requested a second opinion on concept, monetization and technical infrastructure. In parallel they sought to get an understanding of the potential of second screen for other Globo shows and what it would imply to start second screen activities.


ComingNext.TV designed a two track approach. Both tracks started with an extensive online questionnaire. It addressed the app's strategic rationale, creative concept, functional design and technical design. In a series of onsite workshops, we tested the app, from a users point of view, with a load test and by dissecting the sales pitch. The deliverable was a series of recommendations on improving the concept, validate the infrastructure and improving the commercial proposition. The second track consisted of a series of workshops to let Globo management assess the opportunities of second screen themselves, by presenting the strategic opportunity, global best practices and business implications.


Globo's WorldCup2014 app was downloaded more than 1 Million times and was very stable operationally. IBM was contracted as a large sponsor for the recommended deep content integration. For the second track, Globo decided to invest in a pilot with an app for The Voice. Building upon those experiences, Globo decided to concentrate on VoD as their main mobile proposition, launching Globo Play at the end of 2015.


“These guys have done a lot of good things in the industry and accumulated the savoir-faire in essential areas like concepts, user experience, design, commercial models and production. Moreover, they are not the kind of consultants who would say “do this”, “do that”, but instead will make your team discover by itself what is the best thing to do, why and with how much effort.”

Erick Brêtas Head of Digital Media at TV Globo Globo

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