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Chilevision is the second commercial broadcaster in Chile. Chile is the most mature market in South America in terms of digital transformation, with the highest smartphone penetration, social media usage and digital share of advertising spend. Chile's leading mobile operator wanted to do a second screen project as an advertiser.


Chilevision asked ComingNext.TV to supervise the strategy, concepting and delivery of Primer Plano's second screen project together with mobile operator Telefonica.


Utilising our unique project acceleration design our 2 person team engaged in a week long series of onsite workshops in Santiago de Chile. We started by selecting a live prime time program with a production team and presenters that were open to a second screen experiment. Next we brainstormed with the editorial team, the commercial team, the digital department and representatives from Telefonica to create a concept. Then we detailed the concept including budget and project planning with a local development agency. And finally we coached the blended team to present the project to the decision makers. When we left, the local team started building the app with regular calls from us. Before launch we conducted a load test.


In November 2014 Chilevision launched 'Pinchar con Primer Plano' a casual game to be played during the live broadcast of its gossip celebrity show 'Primer Plano.' Tens of thousands of viewers engaged with the show and played the game. The sponsor was very happy with the performance and engagement. For Chilevision the project was profitable and was the poster child for commercial digital innovation.


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