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Channel 4 is a public-service television broadcaster in the UK. It is largely commercially self-funded but publicly owned. In September 2015, Channel 4 relaunched their brand and identity and announced their new digital strategy. Part of this strategy is to be on the most popular digital channels including web and smartphones but also on the big screen through Smart TV's, game consoles and dongles like Chromecast and Apple TV.


ComingNext.TV was comissioned by Channel 4 to identify and analyze global best practices on the big screen and household devices like set top boxes, connected TVs and games consoles.


Based on interviews with leading industry experts, extensive desk research and benchmarking ComingNext.TV identified key concepts of UX/ UI design and created an extensive list of global big screen apps. After in-depth analysis of a large part of these best practices, the ComingNext.TV team recorded video walkthroughs and built extensive case studies for the five best big screen broadcaster apps worldwide. With this perfectly balanced approach it became possible to examine the apps from different angles: Besides UX/UI design, content categorisation, platform and cross platform features were also crucial.


ComingNext.TV managed to inspire Channel 4 to restructure and redesign their big screen app offer and supplied them with strategic advise for the implementation of their product.


“Before undertaking a re-design of our All 4 big screen apps, we engaged ComingNext.TV to research international big screen apps in the VOD market. Their international focus helped us to identify and analyse best practice by creating analytical case studies.”

Maureen Glennon All 4 Big Screen Product Manager for Channel 4 Channel 4

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